They do it to get a crown that will not last

I have been on vacation from work and blogging for a month, which has its great benefits, namely rest, head clearing and time to be with my family uninterrupted. I have tried my hardest to not respond to some of the big issues of the day, resting my mind and hands from entering the fray of public opinion. I have a few more days of rest, but I found myself, after not attending a press conference this morning with my interfaith friends on the issue of the Cordoba House Islamic Center and mosque in NYC, needing to put some thoughts down and share some of my observations. This issue has been riveting America and I know that many, many voices have entered the conversation, some helpful, reasoned and passionate, others divisive, unreasonable and passionate. I have read in the polls that a serious majority of Americans are against this Islamic Center being built in its current desired location, two blocks or so from the site of the Twin Towers, Ground Zero, which, after nine years, still sits as an empty hole, a gaping reminder that we, as a country, have not been very successful at the healing, reconciliation and moving forward that is necessary after such a massive national tragedy. I cannot speak to all the reasons why folks are so against this center being built, but I do know that some of the factors are fear and sadness, anger and confusion. This Islamic Center issue is only a symptom of the larger healing that has not taken place, and this alone is very troubling to me.

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